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PC Related
Photo Description Includes Condition Price*
smallkb.jpg (34352 bytes) Toshiba  NB305-01E laptop blue
in original box
2G DDR2 ram 
250G  sata hard disk
Web camera wifi lan sd card reader 3 usb port vga port 
Win 7 starter 
Cariyng soft case
AC adaptor
External usb dc-dvd writer
RF mouse
No scratch, no dent
for specs see:


Like new


marquardt-kb.jpg (25161 bytes) Asus 19" LCD screen

In original box

like New


bp06.jpg (49718 bytes) Passive Backplane 6 16 bit ISA slots Power supply by PC type connector or terminal bocks New $50

bp0503.jpg (61081 bytes) Passive Backplane 5 16 bit ISA slots 3 PCI slots PC-MIG compatible New $60

advantech1.jpg (30949 bytes) Advantech Microbox good $40

advantech3.jpg (38008 bytes) advantech2.jpg (47860 bytes) Advantech SBC
PCA 6134
half size All-in-One
386SX Cpu card
Whith Flash/Rom

Good $80

pana16m.jpg (28966 bytes) Panasonic Flash memory type I Very Good $50

epson260m.jpg (40537 bytes) Epson 260 meg hard disk type III ATA compliant Very Good $100

tff20m.jpg (36038 bytes) M System 20 meg Flash card type I Very Good $50

Epson 1 meg Ram type I Very Good $10

Epson 2 meg Ram type I Very Good $15

Panasonic 2 meg Ram type I Very Good $15

Premax 4 meg flash Type I Very Good $20

US Robotics XJEM3336 Modem-Ethernet card type I Very Good $20

Impression 2 slot PCMCIA drive Databook chipset New $30


citizen-pn60.jpg (23380 bytes) Citizen PN50 Printer Portable Printer weight 1.1lbs (less battery) Only 10"x2"x3" (closed) Very Good $50

backpack1.jpg (30272 bytes) Parallel port

Backpack CD rom with sound card 24X Software Power Supply

Good $30

quick-drive.jpg (21936 bytes) Quick Drive 3.5" parallel port hard dik controller With cables, power adapter and software Very Good $40

disk2go.jpg (28415 bytes) Aten Disk2GO 2.5" parallel port hard disk controller ( up to 8.4 GB) With cables, keyboard power adapter, software and carrying case Very Good $40

plugger.jpg (42369 bytes) Plugger 170 Parallel port harddisk system Carrying case, power supply,cables, software Accept 2.5" form factor harddisk (not included) Good $40

laser0.jpg (37323 bytes) LASER PC4 PIM subnotebook 128k ram 4x40 lcd display Specs Very Good $40

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