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Data sheet available for all items
Each board comes with instruction manual and software (if needed)

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Minimum order is $20


CC01 10 Inch card cage BCC compatible $20
PS05/s Power supply +5v +12v -12v $30
CC03 6" card cage BCC compatible $15
MB04 4 slot Motherboard $10
MB08 8 slot Motherboard $15
BCC54 Quad 8255 i/o expansion $40
BCC45 Quad stepper motor controller $30
BCC40D i/o board for Gordos i/o modules  Sold out $30
BCC180-1 Processor board $90
BCC180-PGM1 Eprom programmer for BCC180 $30
BCC25/4 4X20 LCD interface board $40
BCC52CX 8052 processor board     Sold out $80
BCC52 8052 processor board $70
RTC52-IQ 8052/8031 crtl $60
RTC-BUFIO i/o board 24in 24 out $30
RTC-HC11 68HC11 processor board $60
RTCAD12EA 12 bit ADC board $40
RTCIO/S digital/analog interface $30
RTC-BUF50 48 ttl bit 8255 basedi/o board $30
RTC-LCD LCD keyboard x10 i/o expansion $30
RTC-LCD/4 4 line lcd display +cable $35
ROM-A&B Utilities for BCC52 $10
Rom D Utilities for BCC52 $10
Basic 180 Basic language for BCC180 $50
Basic 11 Basic for RTCHC11 $10
Buffalo3.4 68HC11 monitor $10
DB25S-16 Serial cable for RTC board $8
Host52 Development system $50
Hcterm Terminal utility 68HC11 $20
Domino52 Module $40
Domino2 module $60
Domdev Domino development board $20
Picstic1 Module 16c84 based Parallax BS1 footprint $20
Picstic2 Same as PS1 with time clock $25
Picstic3 Module adc converter $25
Picstic4 Module 16c64 with i/o coprocessor $35
Micromint photos

Blue Earth Research

Micro-440 Programmable controller Intel83c51FB       Sold out
Basic & monitor51 32k static ram with battery backup
RTC/calendar 8 bit a/d dual rs23 Extensive user manual
Micro-485 Same as 440 plus 128k battery backed Ram 1k eeprom
4 channel, 12 bit A/D converter 27 I/O lines
RS422-485 communications.
I/O 24 24 bit i/o port expansion $40
ST-I/O transistor buffers, status LED, Screw terminals $40
ST-OUT All output Mosfet I/O port expansion $40
App module 7 seg display, pot , beeper power transistor $25
PS-01 Wall plug-in 500ma 12v $5
PB-21 Interface terminal block for Micro485 $20
Xplor32D 12 ttl/cmos i/o lines 8k program/data storage
8255 expander, tiny Basic interpreter
ST-37 Interface module for Xplor32 $20
SP-32 Basikit V1.8 programming Environment $50
BEC51 BEC51 Basic compiler $50
PM-03 User manual                         Sold out $20
PM02 8051 MS-dos software manual $20
PM01 MCS51 technical reference manual $20

Triangle Digital Services

TDS2020 Development package ANS Forth compatible H8/532 16 bit processor
up to 41 I/O 8 channels 10 bit A/D converter

Octagon Embedded industrial PC
PC ISA compatible system

6020 cpu 386sx 25mhz dos6.22 in rom 4 serial ports 48+17 i/o lines $90
6050 cpu 386sx 25mhz dos6.22 in rom 4 serial ports 24+17 i/o lines 8 hi current i/o $90
4020 cpu Dos 6.22 in rom 3 solid state disks 2meg dram $90
5025 cpu $80
5254 lp mb Low profile enclosure 4 slots $40
DPIFB/DP Interface card $20
5208 MB 8 Slot card cage $60
LCD-IFB LCD, Keypad, Expansion board interface $30
5101 PSU Power supply 85/264v input 5v 3.5a 12v .4a -12v .4a $40
2729 PSK1-1 Keyboard,Speaker, printer interface board $10
5540 multi I/o 2 Serial ports Rs232/422/485 LPT1/2 24 I/O lines LCD $40
5842 PCMCIA type I, II, III Sram anf flash memory card $50
5805 solid state disk 4 meg solid-state disk ram/eprom (not populated) $40
5420 VGA LCD,EL,plasma 1280X1024 analog CRT 800x600 $50
SDA1-SERIAL Serial to parallel converter for VFD display $30
5328 MOTION DC and brushless DC servomotors. based on LM628 $100
5600 I/O 8255 based 48 i/o lines $30
DP2X20 VFD vacuum fluorescent display 2lines 20 characters $50
5500 ETHERNET Supports IEE802.3 and ethernet standards $30
5710 ANALOG 12 bit 16 channels programmable gain,24 digital i/o lines $40
KP-3 KEYBPAD weatherproof 4x4 Keypad $20
TBD100 termination/status board $30
TBLOC TBLOC Terminal board $10
STB-26 TBLOC terminal block $10
CAMBASIC Multitasking control and data acquisition language $80
SMARTLINK IV Communication software $50
Click HERE for OCTAGON Photos and specs

Radisys Industrial EXM form factor controller system

EMC-CH8 Cast aluminium Chassis 8 EXM slots $100
EMC-PS50 Power supply $40
EPC-22 25mhz Intel 386SL chip set 3"x5.9"        SOLD out $90
EXM-18 RS23 and paralel port $30
EXM-13 Super VGA video controller $50
EXM-MX 80 meg IDE hard disk+floppy controller    SOLD out $60
EXM-19 8255 24 bit expansion module $50
EXM-17 PCMCIA type I and type II socket $40
EXM-2 2 meg Flash Disk $50
EXM-20 12 bit analog/digital converter $60
Click HERE for Radisys PHOTOS

Sylva Control Systems

sylva-bac552.jpg (49203 bytes) BAC552ES
Single board 80C552 based industrial microcontroller
128k SRAM 128K Flash memory
16 12vdc-24vdc inputs 10 5A relay outputs 3 led outputs
8 0-5vdc 10bit analog inputs 2 0-5vdc analog outputs
Communications 2 RS232 ports 1 RS485 port and I2C bus
Superset Basic programming like PLC

New Micro

NMIX/T-0332 68332 Single Board Computer (MAX Forthin ROM) $40
NMIX/T-0020 68hc11 SSB (Maxforth) Keypad, LCD interface $30

LS Electronic systems

EMC32 8031 based microcontroller board -Monitor in rom $20
DG32 8031 based 32 I/O lines Flash memory $30

Vesta Technology

vesta-188.jpg (68668 bytes) TINY188A and TINY DIO board Intel 80188 based microcontroller
RTC Vesta Forth in rom LCD,keypad, printer conector
RS232 RS485 ports 32 TTL i/o lines


BS2-1C Basic Stamp module rev E $20


PICDEM-14A board, manual and software
Evaluate the Microchip PIC14000 microcontroller. The board includes a full peripheral set that allows users to display data on an LCD panel,send data to PC via RS23, read/write to and fron serial EEPROM, switch signals into the device, and prototype custom circuitry to interface whith the microcontroller.
Picstart plus programmer +MPlab $50
CCS PIC C compiler + dev board $30
2500AD Software macro assembler simulator for the 64180 cpu $40
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