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Industrial parts
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Solid State Relays
Mechanical Relays, solenoids
Panel Meters, process meters
Timers, Counters
Power supplies and transformers
Push Buttons and circuit breakers

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Minimum order is $20

Programmable Logic Controllers
RFE means (Removed From Equipment. tested and usable parts)
All manuals provided with each item

Electromatic PLC330816 16 input 8 output PLC without keyboard  $120
PSU100161 16 input 16 output expansion unit $100
Electromatic MICRO-PLC programmer $200
Siemens LOGO! 230 R 6 input 4 output $140
Veeder-Root ZV-8S2 Transistor output module8 point 24v 1a/ point RFE $120
Veeder-Root ZV-16N2Input module 24v 16 point RFE $120
Omron CQM1-CPU11-E CPU unit $350
Omron CQM1-OC222 Output module $180
Omron CQM1-PA203 Power Supply $190
Omron console CQM1-PR001-E Programming console  $300
Omron controller S3D8-CKF-US Sensor $250

Temperature Control / process

Omron E5CS-R1KJX $90
Omron E5C2-R40J $50
Omron E5CX-QTC $90
Omega CN8501TC-DC1 $90
Omega CN132 $90
Omega transmitter TX91 Thermocouple Temperature $50
Omega CN5104 4 inputs controller $200
Shinko RC520-RE $60
Shinko RC420-RE $60

Solid State Relays

Electromatic RS130-240-25-2 240v 25A 90-280vac control voltage $30
Electromatic RS130-240-25-0 240v 25A 3-32vdc control voltage $30
Potter&Brumfield SSRD-240D5 dual 24A 240vac 3-32vdc control $30

Mecanical Relays solenoids

Potter & Brumfield PRD5DYO 24dc coil 25A 240v $30
Potter & Brumfield S89R11AAC1-120v 120v alternating relay 5a 230v $40
Potter & Brumfield R50-E2-Y2-5vdc 5vdc 1a encapsulated $9
Potter & Brumfield R10-E1-M2-V700 dpd 24vdc 5a 120v $9
Potter & Brumfield R10-E1-Y2-V700 dpd 24vdc 1a 120v $9
Potter & Brumfield JWD-171-25 5vdc reed relay dpst $9
433 R 0861 5vdc spdt mercury wetted $18
Cp Clare
HGWM51111KOO 5vdc spdt mercury wetted $18
443-47-4 12vdc spdt 2 .1A 30vdc coils latching $8
Omron MY4 120vac 4pdt 5a 240vac $15
Omron G2R-24 dpdt 120vac 5a 250v $15
Idec RY2S-U 120vac dpdt 3a 240vac $15
Idec RY2S-U 24vdc dpdt 3a 240vac $15
Guardian 1395 24vdc dpdt 3a $15
Aromat TQ2EL-12v latching $15
Aromat AP324098 6vdc 4pdt 3a 30vdc $15
ITT RZ-24 24vdc dpdt .5a 120vac $9
ITT LZ24 24vdc spdt 3a 120vac $9
Siemens V23003-B0037-B110 24vdc 4pdt 2 coil latching $18

Guardian Solenoids

18PINT120 $30
T12X13 24vdc tubular solenoid $20
11HD-1 24vdc $20
TP3.5X9 int 24vdc tubular solenoid $10
28-I 24vdc $20
TP8X9-1-24 24vdc tubular solenoid $20
2INT120A 120v intermitent duty $20

Panel Meters

Omron K3TR-NB11A intelligent Signal Processor $180
Omron K3TJ-V111G5v supply 2v DPM $150
Omron K31-S1 RS232 communication board for K3TR $90
Omron K31-B4 BCD Output board for K3TR $90
Beckman 500 serie Process DPM $100
Omega DP116 Temperature indicator type j thermocouple $50

6163 quadrature DPM whith BCD output board

Red Lion MCI Message center 1X10 display.+ GCM232 20ma to RS232 converter $260


Omron H7CL-ADS Counter 12-24 vdc $90
Omron H5CL-A timer 100-240vac $90
Omron H7CR-B counter 100-240vac $90
Omron H7ER-BV2 Tachometer $50
Omron H7ET-FBV2 time counter $50
Hecon counter GO478-104 Elapsed time $30
Electromatic S1321166 115 Multifunction timer $80
Electromatic CCM 16000 120v 25hz LED 6 digit $30
Electromatic CCM 6000 25hz LCD 6 digit $30
Electromatic SP-149 Preset Counter 120vac $40
Veeder-Root 798506-030 LCD counter $20
Potter&Brumfield CDF-38-7003 120vac 0-10sec 11pin socket timer $40
Omron H3Y-2 24vdc 0-30sec contact 5a 250v timer $30
Omron H3Y-2 24vdc 0-.5sec contact 5a 250v timer $30
Omron H3Y-2 24vdc 0-1sec contact 5a 250v timer $30
Omron H3Y-2 120vac 0-30seccontact 5a 250v timer $30

Power supplies, transformers
Open type and switching unless noted

Jerome industries ILDK-52 115-230Vto 15v 850ma linear enclosed $20
Elpac WM113-S 120Vto +5V 860ma, +12v 300ma, -12v 300 ma enclosed $20
Elpac WRI-4232 95-240Vto +5V 5A, +12V 1.5A ,-12V .5A enclosed $40
Hammond GFXL75-00 120-240V to +5V 8A, 12V 2.5A, -12V 1A, -5 1A $30
Hammond GFOF-3-24 120/240V to 24VDC 4.8A linear $40
Hammond GFOF-5 120/240V to 5VDC 3A linear $30
Phihong PSA2041-U 120-240v to +5V 20A, 12V 5A, -12V 2A -5V 2A $80
PSA4005 120-240V to +5V 6A $30
PSA-25-105 120 240 to 5V 1A $20
Tectrol T039/10 120/240V to +5V 4.5A, 12V 2A -12V .35A $30
Power One HB12 120/240V to 12V 1.7A linear $20
Toko SW30-05F 120/240 to 5V 6A $30
Skydot SNP-7043-1 120/240V to 5V 3A, 12V 2A $20
Astec SA30-130S 120/240V to 5V 2A, 12V to 2A, -12V to .3A $30
Micromint PS05/S 120/240V to 5V 2A, 12V to 2A, -12V to .3A enclosed fit BCC system $40


Hammond 166N24120v to 24v 96va $45
Hammond 166S18 120v to 18v 180va $25
Hammond 181K40120/240v to 2X20v 2X2.25A toroidal $35
Hammond 165V18 120v to 18v ct 360va $30
Hammond 166L42120v to 42v ct 84va $20
Microtran PL56-10120/240v to 2X5v 2X28va $10
Magnetek VPP36 1560 120/240v to 36v ct 1.5 a $9
Magnetek FP30-400120/240v to 30v ct 400ma $8
Magnetek FP16-375120/240v to 16v ct 375ma $7
Magnetek FP30-200120/240v to 30v ct 200 ma $6
Talema TE70062120/240 to 2x12v 2x12.5va toroidal $22
Talema TE70000120/240 to 2x7v 2x1.6va toroidal $18


Omron E3SA-DS50C43A Analog $50
Omron E3F-R2B4 12/24v photo switch $40
Omron E3S-AR11 $30
Banner Q45BB6LL laser $60
Banner 42SRF-6002 10-32 v optical fiber reflective $40
Sunx IX-N5 line camera $100

Push Buttons, circuit breakers

IDEC 16mm push buttons

AB6-M spdt 17X17 square red green or black cap $8
AL6-M dpdt lighted Round red or green cap $8
AS6-Y2 dpdt 2pos selector switch $10
AS6-KP dpdt 2 pos key selector switch $8
AS6-Y3 dpdt 3pos selector switch $8
AL6-P Pilot light housing Square bezel red or green cap $5
LAPD-24R Red 24v LED pilot light $2
LAPD-24G Green 24v LED pilot light $2


5/8X5/8 SPDT pushbutton - red, green, white or black cap $5
5/8X5/8 DPDT pushbutton - red, green, white or black cap $7


E-T-A 3120-F311-P7TI-W04X 2A 250vac roker type circuit breaker $8
E-T-A 3120-F311-P7TI-W14XB3 20A 250vac roker type circuit breaker (lighted) $8
E-T-A 3120-F311-P7TI-W04X3 3A 250vac roker type circuit breaker $8

* Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

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