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Engraving Machine
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3 Axis CNC small milling machine

20"W 16"D 16'H      7"x7"x1.5" work area  weight 60lbs
Techno Isel  Variable high speed spindle 8000 to 24000 rpm,
 power 600W   1/8'" and 1/4" collet.; accept standard end-mills.
Acme lead Screw on all axis with Turcite anti-backslash Supernut
Heavy duty construction
Table is 3/8" 6061T6 high strength aluminium
3/4" dia drill rod on X and Y axis  3/8" drill rod on Z axis
Adjustable bronze Sleeve bushing and Trust bearing on all axis
120volts 60hz 5 A supply (fused)
Internal 36 volts 10 A DC filtered and fan cooled power supply
IMS IB462 40v 3.5a bipolar chopper with optical isolation of inputs signals
Vexta Stepper motor  PH268-E2.3 on X and Y axis
Vexta Stepper motor  PH266-E1.2 on Z axis
Sunx inductive proximity limit switches on all axis
Front panel push buttons: Start. Stop, Hold, Abort, Start. Aux
Can be used whith Turbocnc or MACH3
or any control software on parallel port.
All signal  ttl compatibles






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