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Data Acquisition
Photo Description Specs Condition Price*
ciodio24h.jpg (47921 bytes)

24 bit high output current parallel digital interface
8255 PPI mode 0 emulation

  Very good $20

ciodio48.jpg (44106 bytes)

48bit ttl  digital interface board
Dual 8255 PPI

Very good $30

ciodio48t.jpg (37662 bytes)

48bit ttl  digital interface board
Dual 8255 PPI
50 pin header

  Very good $30

cioad08.jpg (41657 bytes)

Multifunction analog and digital I/O board
8 12 bit A/D single ended channel 
8254 Counter/timer
24 TTL I/O bits

Very good $50


ctm05.jpg (44101 bytes)

Counter/timer Board AMD 9513 chip 
five channels of 7 mhz frequency input
8  digital I/O bits     - Software




dual422.jpg (47042 bytes) Metrabyte Dual-422
Two port RS-422 interface 
Can be set as com1 com2 or at any other base address/interrupt level combination
New $30

dv488.jpg (46307 bytes)

Metrabyte DV-488
IEE-488 Interface board
GPIB interface
User manual and software

  New $40

ciomux16.jpg (33154 bytes) Computer Boards CIO-MUX16
Analog multiplexor ,fully differential 16 channels
Thermocouple input +- .5 oC
  New $100

pio24.jpg (40893 bytes)

Metrabyte PIO24
24 TTL/DTL digital I/O lines
High current Drivers 15ma source 64ma sink

Very good $20

sta10.jpg (48138 bytes)

Metrabyte STA-01
Analog and Digital inputs and Outputs of the DASCON-1 A/D board  available via terminal connectors. No enclosure

  good $10

sta20.jpg (31328 bytes)

Metrabyte STA-20
Screw terminal board for 50 pin header board
plus user breadboard area

  Very good $20

pc60mvad.jpg (34464 bytes) PC-60 
12 bit A/D converter 0-5v range
Auto zero adjustment
16 differential input lines
  New $50

aten-ic4855.jpg (26734 bytes) ATEN IC4855
RS232 to RS485 converter
New $30

aten-spx320.jpg (22841 bytes) ATEN SPX320

Serial/parallel   parallel/serial converter

  New $40

adr1000.jpg (34181 bytes) Ontrack Control Systems
Analog/Digital RS232/422/485 interface board
8 A/D inputs
32 I/O lines
New $50

cyberm232-408.jpg (33352 bytes) Cyberresearch M232 408
4 A/D inputs 8bit resolution
6 digital I/O lines
  New $50

dgh-d1712.jpg (36626 bytes) DGH D1712
15 channel Digital I/O module
RS 485 Communications


omega_om2-165.jpg (36214 bytes)

Omega OM2-165
Strain gage Bridge Signal Conditioner

  New $100

omega_ld200-25.jpg (31117 bytes)

Omega ID200-25
LVDT 2.5mm

New $80

easy_das100.jpg (31834 bytes) Data acquisition System DAS-100
Operator manual, Software     
Specs Very good $50

m1100.jpg (123044 bytes) Keithley M1100
RS232/485 Converter
Specs New $60

grayhill70grck8.jpg (22947 bytes) Grayhill 70GRCK8
 mounting board for 70G series i/o modules
Board only , modules not included
  New $20

pb210q24.jpg (49034 bytes)

Potter & Brumfield PB21024
6 positions quad I/O module board
Board only , modules not included

Very good $30

p&B-quad.jpg (23336 bytes)

Potter & Brumfield


  ODCQ-5 3A 60vdc quad-pack module   New $25

  IDCQ-5 4-16vdc quad-pack input module   New $25

grayhill-io.jpg (21691 bytes) Grayhill I/O modules
industry standard packaging and pin out (no screw)

70M-IDC5 3-32 vdc to 5v  New $7

70M-ODC5 2.5 10v to 3A 60v New $6

grayhill-iog.jpg (23260 bytes)

Grayhill I/O modules

  70G-IDC5  2.5 to 10v input to 5 logic   New $10

  73G-0V10B -10 to 10v output  4.88mv resolution   New $60

  73G-1V50M 0-50mv input 12.2uv resolution   New $60

  73G-ITCJ  J type thermocouple input 0-700 oC     New $80

crydom-io.jpg (27974 bytes)


CTX240DQ3 quad triac output 4-10v to 240v 1.6a New $20

9213 240vac input to logic 5v New $10

CMX60D10 3-10v to 10a 60vdc New $12

DM0063 3-10v to 60v 3a New $8

D0061A 3-10v to 60v 1a New $4

iodc5.jpg (37796 bytes) Crydom 
industry standard packaging and pin out


  6101A DC input module 10-32v to 5vcd
  New $7

  6311 DC output module 5v to 3.5A 60v   New $7

continental-io.jpg (28795 bytes) Continental
Industries track mounted modules 
RM-IAC5 90-140v to 5v logic New


RM-ODC5 5v logic to 3.5A 60v output New $10

RM-IDC5 10-32 v to 5v logic New $10

Augat-2m3725.jpg (41264 bytes) Augat 2M37DSM  
DB37  male connector to 37 position
terminal block.
  New $5

9mopo40.jpg (25368 bytes) MAG-MASTER
  9MOP026 26 pin header to 26 pos. terminal block   New $5

  9MOP040 40 pin header to 40 pos. terminal block   New $7

* Price indicated does not include shipping cost.

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